Fair Haven Democratic Municipal Committee

Fair Haven has 6 voting districts.  Each district is represented by two democrats and two republicans, who are elected every 2 years during the primary in June.  These people represent the Municipal Committee Members for their party in Fair Haven.

Below is a list of your Fair Haven Democratic Municipal Committee Members:


District Name  
1 Susan O'Brien  
1 John F. Hoffman  
2 Kathleen Beausoleil   
2 William Beausoleil   
3 Mary Pat Gendelman  
3 Cameron Spector   
4 Erin Howard  
4 Shervyn von Hoerl  
5 Marla Parker  
5 Jeremy Munger  
6 Paula Thorogood  
6 Paul Ferguson    


Executive Committee

Christopher Rodriguez, Councilman
Shervyn von Hoerl, Chair
Liz deBeer, Co-Chair
Jessica Patel, Vice Chair
Erin Howard, Secretary
Mary Pat Gendelman, Treasurer

To contact any of us, email:  info@fhdems.org